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To address the transport and related problems in the country, the Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) is being implemented by Government of Pakistan.
The objective of the Project is ‘to reduce the growth of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions from Pakistan’s transport sector, while simultaneously improving urban environmental conditions and improving Pakistan’s competitiveness’.
Expected Outcome/Output
The expected outcomes of PAKSTRAN are:Outcome 1: Operational urban transport system in Punjab province
Outcome 2: Operational urban transport system in Sindh province
Outcome 3: Improved energy efficiency in truck freight transport
Outcome 4: Increased public awareness and institutional capacity on sustainable transport concepts.The output of PAKSTRAN is ‘Environment mainstreamed across the development sector plans and programmes’.

PAKSTRAN will guide this through:
• Demonstrating international best practices planning and implementation of integrated urban transport systems.
• Strengthening the institutional and policy framework for urban transportation.
• Demonstrating international best practices for modernizing the trucking fleet; creating an investment environment with widespread    stakeholder acceptance.
• Raising public awareness and knowledge of issues in sustainable urban transport and fuel-efficient transport in Pakistan.